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We've answered some of the questions we are often asked by clients. If there's anything else you're not sure about, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

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All healing, whether Reiki, spiritual or crystal healing, or a combination of all of these, is the channelling of a higher energy through the healer and into the client. It balances the clients’ energies (chakras) bringing a deep sense of wellbeing. The clients' particular areas of concern(s) can be focused on to aim to bring relief to any physical, mental or emotional issues.


Healing treatments are extremely calming and gentle to experience. Just relax on our professional healing couch. We place some crystals around you (to amplify and cleanse the energy) and channel the healing energy from our hands over your body – head, shoulders, waist, arms, and legs. Clients have reported feeling a deep, lasting sense of relaxation and wellbeing, in addition to the relief of conditions they have presented with.


This is entirely up to the individual – we will work with you to find the best possible way forward. It is often recommended to have a short block of sessions and then reassess afterwards. We are all different, and we all process things differently, so it follows that clients' experiences and their time needed to heal can vary.


Healing energy brings forward a sense of wellbeing and balance in the body naturally, so it follows that any imbalance within the body - whether short or long term and of any severity - would benefit.


With any terminal illness, the process of acceptance of life’s journey, which for us all - let’s be honest - is destined to culminate in passing over to the other side, can be helped both by being embraced by the loving healing energy of treatments, and by receiving spiritual wisdom of readings to develop a deeper understanding of life’s purpose and its fulfilment.


Just try and be as relaxed and open minded as possible – we are a friendly bunch and will put you at your ease and explain everything fully. You can ask any questions you wish before the session. Our clients have reported feeling more uplifted and centred afterwards than they were before their session.


This can be for varying reasons, including advice on work, love and relationships, health and life-choices. We all have our free will, so we have the freedom and choice to choose what our next steps in life will be. However, after receiving a reading, the wisdom of advice through that spiritual connection with those who love us in the spirit world, and who want the best for us, means it is often then more straightforward for us to know instinctively what the right steps forward should be.


To give a reading, the medium will raise their energy and the spirits lower theirs and connection is made half way between the two worlds. The link is made through the energy of pure love. Faye and Natalie are clairvoyant (clear seeing), clairsentient (clear sensing) and clairaudient (clear hearing), so will work with a combination of these senses to bring through clear messages of love, upliftment and wisdom from your spirit loved ones and guides.


The messages that come through are brought through on the energy of love, so will be specific to the client from a spirit loved one, or loved ones, with guidance on your relevant pathways in life. Every reading is different – each of us has a different personality, and the personality of the medium blends with that of your loved one to give you a unique message. Your loved one knows what is going on in your life, and the medium brings through evidence of this in the form of mentioning specific feelings, objects, events or people, in addition to advice and reassurance for you.


Oracle Cards are divination tools used intuitively by the medium during the reading. Specific cards are chosen for the client, and detailed messages of wisdom and guidance are brought through that are linked to the meaningful messages of the chosen cards. Oracle Cards are great for life path advice, such as if you're faced with a difficult decision, or if something has changed in your life.


We run a regular meditation group for like-minded people in our healing room. Simply use our Contact Us form, or give us a call or a message, and we will get back to you.


We always use very strong positive spiritual protection to guard ourselves, our work and our clients – you can be assured you will be safe with us. Just as there are good and bad people in this world, there are good and bad energies too. It is always a sensible idea to visualise a protective bubble around yourself in everyday life to protect you from any negative energies in this world – positive visualisation can be a very powerful tool.


People’s religion or beliefs do not affect the outcome of any healing or reading session they may have with us. Our treatments are given on a pure love-light, instinctive energy that is not related to any specific religion or set of beliefs.